With the Hartz IV calculator, you can calculate the amount of Arbeitslosengeld II. This means that you can determine your claim or check your existing entitlement before the application is submitted.

Hartz 4 RechnerThe Hartz IV calculator determines the ALG II claim using the updated rule sets and additional requirements. The amount of the Hartz 4 entitlement depends on the cost of cold and hot rent, the age and the number of children, and the income of the applicant and his partner. In addition, the applicant’s individual circumstances of life are taken into account, as well as, the situations for single individuals, disabilities, pregnancy or illness-related additional conditions for the determination of the needs. As a result, the Hartz IV calculator offers a tailored and individual estimation of the Arbeitslosengeld II and helps you determine your Hartz IV claim.

Hartz 4 Application and information about the Arbeitslosengeld 2:

The forms and further information about the Arbeitslosengeld 2 (unemployed benefits) can be found here.

Information about the Hartz 4 rule set:

Since the 1st of January 2019, the Hartz 4 regulations have been raised. The statutory support for a single Arbeitslosengeld 2 recipient since then is 424 euros. For adult members of a community of needs: 382 euros. The amounts for children and additional needs of Hartz 4 recipients were also increased by up to € 7 compared to the previous year.