My 24-year-old child lives with me. Will his income and assets be taken into account when calculating my Arbeitslosengeldes II?

This is dependent on the amount of the child’s assets and income.

If your child is able to cover their own needs (the needs for regulation and the proportionate costs of accommodation and heating), taking account of deductions from their own income and assets, the income of the child will no longer be taken into account in your unemployment benefit II. Only in the case of a high income can a credit be deducted up to the amount of the child allowance for your Arbeitslosengeld II. However, if your child earns too little that you both continue to depend on (supplementary) Arbeitslosengeld II (which goes to the 25th birthday of the child), their income from employment, taking into account voluntary allowances and the expenses necessary for professional performance, is only taken into account . Then you receive Arbeitslosengeld II, without taking into account the income of the child. You can then see from the approval decision how much the benefits are due to the individual members of the community of needs. As a result, the income of the child results in higher household income due to the exemptions.