You can apply to all organizations for rehabilitation (for example, the Federal Agency for Employment, the Statutory Pension Insurance Fund, the Berufsgenossenschaften) for benefits for participation in the working life. As a rule, the rehabilitation authorities will determine the competence within a period of two weeks, so that you will be informed of the outcome by your responsible rehabilitation center.

As a contribution to the working life, all the assistance which is necessary to maintain, improve, manufacture or restore the viability of a disabled person can be provided. Not only the performance is taken into account, but also the inclinations and past activities play an important role. Reintegration into a professional activity is particularly important because it is best to overcome the consequences of disability. The following services help with professional re-entry:

  • The cost of technical work aids,
  • Aids for the establishment of a disabled workplace,
  • Measures for continuing vocational training.

The services that are eligible for participation in the working life will be individually decided by your rehabilitation center. If you are unsure about who you can turn to, you will be helped by the jointly set up Joint Service Centers for Rehabilitation. The addresses can be found online at