Is my life insurance taken into account for Arbeitslosengeld II?

A capital-forming life insurance counts as an asset. For assets of any kind, a basic amount of € 150 per year for each person under the age requirement and their partner (at least € 3,100 and a maximum of € 9,750) is valid. If you were born before January 1st, 1948, the amount is 520 Euro per year. The maximum limit is 33,800 euros (§ 65 para. 5 SGB II). If your life insurance policy is used for old-age provision and if you have agreed to contract the assets to be transferred before reaching the age of the pensioner, then you will be entitled to a further allowance of 750 Euro per year up to a maximum of 48,750 Euro. A life insurance policy is not taken into account as an asset if it is not economically feasible to use it. A sale in which revenue is less than 90 percent of the contributions paid is considered to be non-economic. However, the lending of the contract may also be considered.

Section § 12 Absatz 2 SGB II