What is the educational package for children, young people and trainees?

The “Act of the Amendment of the Second Book of the Social Code and Other Laws” of 7 May 2013 (BGBl I, p. 1167) created a federal regulation for a number of questions concerning the educational package. The aim is to facilitate the implementation of education and training services. As of August 1, 2013, the following new possibilities are now available:

  • Funds which have already been raised by the child or his parents for educational and participation requirements can also be reimbursed in exceptional cases (“entitled self-help”, for example in the case of short-term school trips);
  • For one-day and several-day trips to schools, day-care centers and day-care centers, cash payments can be made directly to the child or his parents;
  • The participation fee of up to € 10 a month in the fields of sports, games, culture and leisure can be applied not only as previously for membership fees and participation fees, but also for equipment and other participation requirements (if these costs are not reasonable for the rule requirement) );
  • The participation fee of up to 10 euros per month can be paid during the entire period of the grant period (including contributions from sports clubs or leisure activities).

In the case of student travel costs, it is now clear that a student’s own share of 5 Euro per month is to be applied to student tickets which are also private (since private transport expenses are already taken into account in the regular requirement); Depending on the circumstances, the proportion to be accounted for can also be higher.