Is nursing allowance for a child of a nursing age counted as income?

The long-term care allowance, according to the Eighth Social Code Booklet (SGB VIII), is paid for full-time care and daily care. In the case of full-time nursing care, the remuneration of the nursing staff is composed of the remuneration for actual expenditure on the child (expenditure reimbursement) and an appropriate amount for the recognition of the educational service. The part of the nursing allowance, which is paid as an amount for the recognition of the educational service, currently amounts to 222 Euros per child per month according to the recommendations of the German Association for Public and Private Care.

The expenditure reimbursement does not constitute a consideration of the caregiver to be taken into account. The recognition amount for the educational use is also not to be attributed to the first and second nursing children. 75% of the recognition amount for the third nursing child, and the fourth nursing child, and other nursing children must take into account the full recognition amount, with deduction amounts (for example, for advertising costs and insurance contributions).

In addition, the children’s allowance, which nurses receive for nurses / nurses with full-time nursing care, is an income for children of nursing age. Since the child allowance has already been partially attributed to the long-term care allowance, consideration must be made as income only in the remaining amount. In concrete terms, this means that income is taken into account:

  1. 92 Euro (for the first nursing child, if the nursing child is the oldest child of the nursing family),
  2. 138 Euro Euro for the second nursing child,
  3. 144 Euro for the third nursing child and
  4. 159 Euro for the fourth and further nursing children.

According to the Social Security Code VIII for day care, the income from self-employment has to be taken into account since January 1st. This means that the surplus of the income over the necessary expenditures of a day care worker is considered as income. In addition, the voluntary allowance is deducted.

Section § 11a Absatz 3 SGB II und § 39 Absatz 6 SGB VIII