How are my details checked through the JobCenter?

By means of automated data comparison, the data of all employees with respect to performance are quartered on the basis of whether other income exists, e.g. From an employment.

The Jobcenter can, for example, submit your data to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office in order to determine the vehicle owner. Thus, e.g. The appropriateness of the motor vehicle used. Verification of message data is also made possible. This may include, assessing the question of the permanent residence of the beneficiary and its community of needs. The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Agency for Labor) carries out telephone campaigns on specific topics, e.g. To clarify the status of the affected people and to check the performance requirements. Third parties (such as banks, insurance companies, employers) are obliged to provide information about the job center. All job centers are also to set up an external service to combat abuse of performance. It may request information of any kind, hear the parties involved, hear witnesses and experts.

Section §§ 6,52,52a und 56ff. SGB II