The Federal Agency for Employment is also responsible for individual with disabilities who are entitled to benefits according to the Second Book of the Sozialgesetzbuch Rehabilitationsträger for services to participate in working life, provided that no other rehabilitation institution (eg pension insurance for long-term insured persons or professional associations for work or travel accidents) is having the stated responsibility. This ensures that the professional competence of the Federal Agency for Employment as a rehabilitation institution is also maintained for persons with disabilities who are disabled. The Federal Agency also accepts the clarification of responsibilities and rehabilitation requirements pursuant to § 14 SGB IX, including the preparation of a proposal for inclusion.

However, the holders of the claim reasoning have responsibility for performance and decision-making competence for services for the occupational participation of disabled persons in accordance with § 16 para. 1 clause 3 SGB II. In the interest of the rapid integration of individuals with disabilities, the approved municipal authorities and the job center should work closely with the federal agency as Rehabilitation workers.

If you have been granted benefits for participation in working life, your former rehabilitation worker will continue to be responsible for the benefits of integration into work.

However, the rehabilitation agency, the Federal Agency for Employment, has a special feature for persons with a job with a right to earn a living: the Federal Employment Agency takes the statutory tasks connected with the Social Code IX. This includes, for example, the clarification of the rehabilitation needs pursuant to § 14 SGB IX, including the preparation of a proposal for inclusion. Responsibility for performance (such as the financing of continuing vocational training as well as maintenance-securing services) remains for many services at the job center or the approved municipal authority.

The job center or the approved municipal carrier takes care of the mediation in work.

Section § 6a SGB IX