You are in need of assistance if you can not, or can not adequately ensure, your livelihood and the livelihood of the persons who may be with you in a community of needs from the income or property to be taken into account and the necessary assistance is not provided by other persons.

If you are entitled to other (social) benefits; in principle, you are obliged to apply for them, since you can reduce or eliminate your need for assistance and the need for assistance from your community of needs. If you do not submit the required application, the job center is entitled to submit the application for you.

The main priorities are:

  • Child allowance,
  • Child allowance (if applicable, with housing allowance) if you have your own income and children – for whom you are entitled to child benefit – and can meet your needs and the needs of your partner, but not the needs of your children, thus, are in need of assistance for at least three consecutive months
  • Child allowance for children up to the age of 12 (this can be obtained if you are a single parent and do not receive regular maintenance for the child / children.
  • Unemployment benefit,
  • (Reduced) pension from the age of 63,
  • Pension for foreigners, if this is comparable with the German retirement age,
  • Other pensions (employment retirement,
  • Widow’s / widower’s pension, orphan’s pension),
  • Health insurance,
  • Benefits of training subsidies (BAföG, training allowance, BAB),
  • Residential allowance for tenants / allowance for homeowners, if you are able to completely eliminate the need for assistance under SGB II,
  • Maternity allowance (for the period of maternity leave – normally six weeks before and eight weeks after birth),
  • Parental allowance after the birth of a child