Hartz IV Auszahlungstermine 2021

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The Arbeitslosengeld 2 is paid out to Harz 4 recipients on a monthly basis in advance. Thus, the cash payment for July is paid out in the month of June. According to lawmakers, the money must be available in the account by the 1st of August.

The statutory basis is laid down in Social Code II. On the Hartz 4 payout have deprived according to § 38 SGB I and § 1 para. 2 no. 2 SGB II a legal claim. According to § 41 SGB I i.V.m. § 41 para. 1 sentence 3 SGB II, the claim for Arbeitslosengeld 2 is due no later than the first day of the month.

The Arbeitslosengeld 2 shall be paid by the payers (Employment Agency / Job Centre) at the end of each month to the individual banks. The value of the remuneration is not always calculated on the same days and differs for legal holidays or weekends. It is ensured by the legislature that the money is available on the first working day of the following month. In cases of any delays, such as a delay in credits or money orders for settlement, the Federal Employment Agency has no influence.

If the money are not available on August 1st:

Contact the Employment Agency or the relevant job center immediately. The cost providers supplement information on whether and when the Arbeitslosengeld 2 has been instructed to credit. As a rule, the problem lies with the banks. The transfer of the Arbeitslosengeld is not linked to any time. Most credit institutions have two or more bookings per day, which can result in different payment receipts.

Booking date and value:

The booking day for the Hartz 4 payment is the day on which the money is directed to the responsible bank. Depending on the credit institution, the day is only visible on the statement when the value has been entered.

The date of the value adjustment is determined by the cost carrier. The Employment Agency or the responsible job center shall make the payments i.d.R. always around the 21st – 22st of a month (booking day). This ensures that the money is passed on to the banks within a sufficient time-frame. In addition, the cost-bearer determines the value date. The bank posts the value date to this day and the money become available.

The disbursement date for the unemployment benefit II in July is the 31.07.2019.

On this day, the remuneration is paid. In other words, the amount for Arbeitslosengeld II (unemployment benefits) is transferred to the bank account of the Hartz IV recipients.