Das BildungspaketThe educational package is intended to support children, young people and young adults under 25 years of age for good education and participation in sports, culture and leisure activities. The education package is particularly aimed at families who have to make do with less money. In addition to the school transport and the necessary school supplies, the educational package allows children and young people to participate in:

  • Sports clubs,
  • Art & music groups,
  • Lunch in day care and school,
  • Tutoring lessons, insofar as this is necessary to achieve essential learning goals,
  • Several-day class trips

Since March 1, 2015, the education and participation services are also available to children from refugee families in order to avoid exclusion through education.

Who is Entitled to the Educational Package?

Children and young people under the age of 25 are entitled to the educational package if they or their parents:

  • Benefits of the basic job for job-seekers (unemployment benefit II or social money),
  • Social care,
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,
  • Housing allowance or
  • Children’s supplement received.

Important: Even if none of the above mentioned benefits are referred to, a claim for Arbetslosengeld II or social allowance may be considered due to the educational and participation requirements of the children.

Where Can I Apply for the Educational Package?

The responsibility for the implementation of the education package depends on the place of residence and is organized by the counties and the municipalities.


  • Who receives Arbeitslosengeld II or social money, usually turns to the job center for services from the education package.
    • Even those who have not yet received any social benefits but may have a claim from the education package solely because of the child’s educational and participation requirements should contact the job center.
  • The job centers are not responsible for families receiving social assistance, housing allowances, child allowances or benefits under the Asylum Act. The districts or cities (for example in the town hall, in the citizens’ office or in the district administration) call these families the right contact.

Implementation of the Educational Package

School supplies

The cost-bearer (usually the authority where the educational package was applied for) transfers a total of 100 euros per school year for the child’s personal school needs. The amount is paid in two installments:

  1. 70 euros of which at the beginning of the school year and
  2. 30 euros for the second half-year.

If the child is not admitted to school for the first time in the course of the respective school year or because of an interruption of the school visit,

  • 70 € if the first day of school falls in the period from August to January of the school year, or
  • 100 € if the first day of school falls in the period from February to July of the school year.

Parents should regularly ask their children if they have all the necessary school materials for their lessons. In addition to school bags and sportswear, school supplies also include writing, computation and drawing materials, such as fillers, pencils, circles, geodrees, erasers, booklets, ink cartridges and pocket calculators.

School Transport

Students who receive the next school of the chosen course of study and who are eligible for student transport, e.g. By bus or train, if their costs are not borne by anyone else and if it is unreasonable to pay the expenses from the rule requirement (own portion). This is mainly the case for upper secondary pupils (for example high school). The own share (usually of 5 Euro per month) is only calculated if the child can also use the monthly card private. The application must be submitted to the jobcenter.

Lunch in Day-Care Center, and School

If the day-care center, the school or the children’s day-care center (for example, the mother’s mother) offers a regular warm lunch, the costs can be borne by way of a subsidy. If necessary, lunch can be provided to schoolchildren when lunch is provided at school. The jobcenter or the authority responsible for the educational package pays the supplement for the hot lunch. The share of the family is one euro per child per day.

Important: Documents for the declared lunch must be canceled and submitted to the authority as they are necessary for a cost transfer.

Excursions and School Trips from Day Care Centers and Schools

Children can participate in one or several day trips organized by the school, day care center or children’s day care (for example, the day’s mother). If a day trip or a class trip is planned, they should be registered beforehand at the job center or the authority responsible for the education package. If all necessary prerequisites are fulfilled, the beneficiary receives a voucher or the costs are taken directly

Culture, Sports and Leisure

In principle, the educational package allows for participation in the areas of culture, sport and leisure. Up to the age of 18, up to € 10 per month for each child; for eg. for music lessons, football or athletics association, dance classes, art lessons or comparable leisure activities